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Its bone marrow and bourbon smoked cherries flavour might have grabbed all the headlines, but it’s only the tip of the ice cream-berg when it comes to creativity at this West Coast gelateria (there are also branches in LA and Portland, where it started). Peach vinegar cobbler with toasted nutmeg and coffee and single-origin dandelion chocolate are two of its perennial scoops, and come the holidays (in this instance, Halloween) it goes all out with the gelato genius: ever tried Essence Of Ghost [a bittersweet grey sherbet] or Creepy Crawly Critters [green ice cream with chocolate-covered crickets]?

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There seems to be a serious artisanal ice cream revolution happening in the States, with a multitude of these specialty spots everywhere. This one is worth visiting, and they have wild and weird – but amazing – flavours!

mr Alexander Lewis
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