Soho House New York

Hotel, Meatpacking District, New York

Soho House New York - Men's Style Council Place

Not so long ago, Soho House New York had its own bonfire of the vanities, a purge of pinstriped corporate types, which left a trail of bruised egos in its wake. If its membership is prized, staying as a guest also has a certain cachet, perhaps because, with just 30 rooms, reservations can prove frustratingly elusive. Once you’re in, though, such annoyances are swiftly forgotten. The stylish rooms are impeccably equipped and the facilities superb, from the spa, bars and screening room to the rooftop pool with a view.

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Feels like coming home.

mr Chris Glass

I truly enjoy staying here. The service, aesthetic, amenities, locations and overall experience supersedes most hotels I've stayed with in my short 32 years on this planet.

mr Michael Chernow

I like that they have Houses all over.

mr Rashid Johnson
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