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The Look | 12 Jan '17


Why Mr James McAvoy Eats Eight Eggs Every Morning

The Glaswegian actor bulked up to play 24 characters in his latest film Split. Now the real Mr James McAvoy steps forward

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Riding The Waves With GoPro

To mark the launch of GoPro on MR PORTER, we filmed a day in the life of New York surfer Mr Mikey DeTemple

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Six Fitness Trends To Follow This Year

From gymnastics to boxing via the office-hour workout – the hottest new ways to get yourself in shape

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The Healthiest Holidays On The Planet

Seven escapes designed for recharging both body and mind in style

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What’s New For Technology In 2017

Artificial intelligence, voice control and virtual reality – this is the year that science fiction becomes fact

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The Best Sports Watches For 2017

Ready, set, go: whatever your activity, we’ve got a timepiece to suit

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Bringing Down The Boss

Why employee empowerment means the end of corporate hierarchy