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mr Hayden Cox

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Hayden Cox - Men's Style Council Member

Mr Hayden Cox is the founder and designer of Haydenshapes Surfboards. Born and raised in Sydney, Mr Cox started Haydenshapes at the age of 15. Now, coming into its 20th anniversary, Haydenshapes has headquarters in both Sydney and Los Angeles. Alongside surfboard design, Mr Cox also designed and patented FutureFlex, a parabolic carbon fibre frame technology used in surfboard construction. He has also collaborated on various design projects with the likes of Alexander Wang, Audi, The Cool Hunter and Google, among others. Mr Cox’s designs have won “Surfboard Of The Year” at the Australian Surf Industry Awards gala, and he won the “Man Of Innovation” award at _GQ’_s Men Of The Year Awards in 2017. Mr Cox recently released his first book, New Wave Vision, with Simon & Schuster, which candidly chronicles over two decades of his business and influences, including leaders in technology, fashion, skincare and skateboarding.

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Making Waves With Mr Hayden Cox

Meet The Style Council: Mr Hayden Cox


    Vissla for surf and salt. Aesthetically, I’m a big Rick Owens fan for both his clothing collections and his furniture design. Alexander Wang is also a designer that I admire.


    Samsung Gear S3. It keeps me connected at all times.


    Anything Aesop. I find their cleanser is best for removing zinc after a surf. I use Le Labo's Thé Noir 29 Perfume Oil for fragrance.


    The late Dylan Rieder. He was his own person from a style perspective and there wasn’t anything forced or contrived about it.


    Audi RS 6 Avant.

  • BOOK

    Mind Power Into The 21st Century by John Kehoe. I read this book right before I designed and patented my surfboard technology, FutureFlex.