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Niño Viejo

Restaurant, Barcelona

Niño Viejo - Men's Style Council Place

You’ve no doubt heard of Mr Ferran Adrià, he of elBulli fame; well, his younger brother Mr Albert Adrià is an accomplished chef too, and this is one of several of his restaurants that are causing a stir in Barcelona. Niño Viejo is Mexican, and has the cheerful, wipe-clean vibe of a low-key taqueria but done with the eye of a hipster; it’s an ambitious place, where the tick-list menu features ceviche, cactus salad, delicate, inventive tacos and mini doughnuts. Lots of flavour, lots of fun.

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Casual, brightly lit diner vibe with colourful tables, pop music playing from the kitchen, and football playing on screens in the dining room. If you can look past all that, then it is some of the best Mexican food you will find anywhere.

mr Darius Namdar
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