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Potato Head

Restaurant, Hong Kong

Potato Head - Men's Style Council Place

This playful venue in the city’s low-key Sai Ying Pun district lifts you out of Hong Kong and plonks you on the lush beaches of Bali. Relax in its colourful bar with a chilli and pineapple Pedas margarita mixed by award-winning cocktail shaker Mr Dre Masso, then move to a table at the Kaum eatery, where you can tuck into nasi goreng and timbungan babi – Balinese-spiced pork belly cooked in a banana leaf – among handpainted Indonesian panels and teak furniture.

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Though situated in a quiet, residential area of Hong Kong, inside you’ll find a secret music room with an incredible vinyl selection and, if you’re lucky, invitation-only parties from time to time.

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