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Restaurant, Covent Garden, London

Spring - Men's Style Council Place

Consensus might call it for Spring being one of the most beautiful restaurants in London: situated in a grandly pillared room in Somerset House, it is breathtaking, luxury stripped back to its elements. Chef Ms Skye Gyngell picks and chooses the most perfect of Italian-influenced ingredients and places them in delicate arrangements to let them shine among the splendour; you might see crab with blood orange, agretti, radicchio and puntarelle (if you’re lucky).

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Beautifully designed with a fresh, delicious menu. I’ve only been a couple of times, but it always comes to mind as a menu and service that stayed with me.

mr Darius Namdar

Spring has become my top favourite for a great meal. It’s a very grown up place. I love the decor, the volume of the space and Mario Bellini’s classic cab chairs can’t be beaten for style or comfort. I wrote an entire VinsonView in Wallpaper* on my love for the uniforms by Maureen Doherty of Egg, but best of all is the cuisine by chef Skye Gyngell. Halibut cooked better you will never find.

mr Nick Vinson

The pappardelle with slow cooked pork.

mr Charlie Casely-Hayford