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Springbone Kitchen

Restaurant, Greenwich Village, New York

Springbone Kitchen - Men's Style Council Place

You probably quietly retired your paleo diet, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still have a craving for something pleasingly primal. Located right by Washington Square Park, this counter serve comes with a minimalist Scandi feel, and as well as a few ultra-healthy, fastidiously sourced dishes, it specialises in inventive variations on broth: ”Liquid Gold” is chicken bones simmered with turmeric and coconut milk, while “New Roots” is beef with garlic and ginger. They even come in takeaway cups – ideal for cavemen in a hurry.

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An unassuming place offering wholesome and nutritious meals in the middle of Greenwich Village. This one-off, fast-casual restaurant has the best bone broth in New York City and some of the healthiest meals you can find.

mr Jeremy Jauncey