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The River Café

Restaurant, Hammersmith, London

The River Café - Men's Style Council Place

As the name would suggests, this Italian is perched on the bank of the Thames in Hammersmith, and, despite its exclusive reputation, has a relaxed feel. Three River Café cook books, written by founder Ms Rose Gray and current head Ms Ruth Rogers, are also available.

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Try anything on the menu.

mr Tim Jefferies

A classic. Never bettered as far as I’m concerned. A beautiful room, amazing service and sublime food. Ruthie Rogers runs this treat of a restaurant and you feel special as soon as you walk in. I feel just as comfortable eating alone as I do dining with friends and family. A London treasure.

mr Matthew Donaldson

To not hold Ruthie Rodgers in the highest admiration is impossible, as is leaving the Caff' before indulging in a Chocolate Nemesis.

mr Darius Namdar
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