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From the same owners as the perpetually packed-out Bao is this less casual, broader-in-scope but equally crowd pleasing spot, which brings the unique cookery of Taiwan to a languid Soho room with the feel of a colonial railway waiting room. That means lamb sweetbreads with fermented greens, or beef tendon with Sichuan pepper, or short rib and bone marrow pancake. Adventurous for Western tastes, yes, but every dish is an authentic and absorbing entry to an exciting cuisine.

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Sexy Taiwanese food in Soho.

mr Alex Bilmes

Everything in this small restaurant is designed to perfection, from the food to the decor. Based on Taipei in the 30s, this Taiwanese restaurant is a delight. The food is impeccably taken care of, and the decor and feel of the place is just magical – a pure heaven for Art Deco lovers. Get the cuttlefish toast as a starter, and the chicken and pork for mains are a must.

mr Mo Coppoletta