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How To Eat Yourself Happy

January 2017Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Photograph by Mr Cristian Barnett

People who make it their business to dish out diet advice are often so infuriatingly slim that their words fall on deaf ears. Obviously, it would be counter-intuitive to take tips on wellbeing from someone who looks like they include cider and chocolate oranges in their five-a-day, but if your self-appointed teacher has clearly never looked at a hamburger, never mind eaten one, the information can often come across as patronising or simply exclusive.

So step forward, chef Mr Tom Kerridge, whose new book, Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet, collates high-protein, low-carb recipes designed to trigger your “happy hormones” (to make you feel good, and fuller for longer). He boasts the unique accolade of running a pub – The Hand & Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire – that has two Michelin stars. Very impressive indeed. But a number of greater significance, perhaps, when we’re looking for practical diet advice is 11 – the amount of weight in stone Mr Kerridge has lost in the past three years. If anyone can make you healthier and more trim in 2017 (while also ensuring you are fed properly), it’s this chap.