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A History Lesson In Hip-Hop

September 2016Words by Tom M Ford

Hip-hop is not a genre or idea that immediately comes to mind when you take a first glance at English band Glass Animals – who look about as polite and unassuming as you would expect of a young quartet who met in Oxford. But Mr Dave Bayley – the lead singer who grew up in Texas (where he would listen to gangsta rap rather than country music) – is a bit of an expert when it comes to the genre. It heavily influences their latest album How To Be A Human Being – released last week (listen here) – and has been a feature in their beat-heavy indie rock since they released their debut album Zaba in June 2014. It has even resulted in a collaboration with the Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ – on a track released last year called “Lose Control”.

With the events surrounding the foundation of hip-hop so well documented in the recent, ground-breaking Netflix series The Get Down – we thought we would ask Mr Bayley for the key tracks that best represent the history of the genre, from its birth to the present day. Read Mr Bayley’s commentary, below – which features the most notable hip-hop producers and artists of all time.

Listen to the full hip-hop track list on Spotify here