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A Summer Cocktail Recipe Invented In A Laboratory

May 2016Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Mr Tony Conigliaro of London’s 69 Colebrook Row and the Drink Factory

If you’re after a simple drink this spring, maybe give 69 Colebrooke Row in north London a swerve. Owner and head barman Mr Tony Conigliaro – known as a pioneer of molecular mixology – doesn’t really do simple. And by that we mean he needs a laboratory to create the drinks he serves at his bar. Think we’re exaggerating? He owns one called Drink Factory in east London.

Colebrooke Row – No. 41 on last year’s World’s Best Bar list – has just released its new spring cocktail list. It includes the likes of a caper leaf martini, made with gin infused with freeze-dried capers, instilled in a vacuum evaporator and topped with a lily-like caper leaf. Or why not try the honey and pollen bellini, which uses puréed bee pollen (previously thought to be unpuréeable)?

Sounds like a bit of a mouthful? Below, we asked Mr Conigliaro and his team to translate one of their recipes for home consumption.