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Ask A Regular: What Makes NYC’s Le Coucou So Special?

June 2018Mr Porter

Dining Area of Le Coucou, New York. Photograph by Ms Ditte Isager, courtesy of Le Coucou

When it comes to finding a good restaurant and knowing what to expect, it’s always better to get a proper insider opinion. So, as part of our series exploring some of the world’s finest restaurants through the eyes of a regular, Mr Trey Laird, founder of creative agency Laid + Parters and MR PORTER Style Council Member, shares his insight on one of his favourite restaurants in New York, Le Coucou. Combining classical French opulence with New York’s metropolitan sensibility, the restaurant is one of the city’s most stylish establishments – hence why it’s usually fully booked. See below for some tips on what to order, when to book, and what to drink.