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Could We Be Heroes?

Illustrations by Mr Laurindo Feliciano

When did we men stop minting celebrity style icons? Women manage it. They find a fresh one or two each season. And if you get invited to the right parties, or book the best tables in the hottest new restaurants, or sit long enough in the first-class lounge, you can even see them in the flesh. Mses Kate Moss and Sienna Miller over here, getting the drinks in. Mses Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner over there, furiously feeding Instagram. But famous men whose personal style truly impacts the way you and I shop, and how we put together a look? You could slide behind the velvet rope at the most exclusive celebrity shindig and still wait a lifetime to bump into the next Messrs Steve McQueen, Cary Grant or Frank Sinatra.

It’s not that all the most potent male celebrity style icons are dead, although the recent loss of Mr David Bowie was a cruel blow. Of the remaining “style icon hall of famers” – Messrs Bryan Ferry, Keith Richards, David Hockney and Sir Michael Caine (and that’s just the Brits) – few would argue that it is their current look that has the most influence on the way we shop. More likely, as with Mr Bowie, it’s an outfit they wore back in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. Mr Bowie is irreplaceable, and one suspects none of the above will be replaced, either. They certainly haven’t been to date.