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Exclusive To Us: Timex’s 1960s Marlin Watch

November 2018Words by The Daily Team

In a world of overegged (and often overcomplex) smartwatches, sometimes the best thing to do is to strip away all the extraneous details and celebrate the classics. That’s the thinking behind Timex’s new Marlin timepiece – a reissue of the American brand’s 1960s model of the same name.

So, what’s so special about this that warrants a comeback? Horology fanatics will recognise the new Marlin as Timex’s long-awaited return to hand-wound watches, and indeed this is the first mechanical watch the brand has made since 1982, already winning it fans in the watch world for its durability and charmingly vintage look. Based on the best-selling original, the stainless-steel watch is named after the fish for its water resistance, and boasts an extra-durable crystal acrylic dome that keeps the timepiece safe.

Appearance-wise, the reissue is almost identical to the 1960s original, and has retained its measurements, too. The sunburst dial and hands are practically identical, and the case is still 34mm across and only 10mm thick. This makes it on the smaller side for a contemporary watch, and so gives it a reassuringly mid-century aesthetic that will go well on any wrist. And there is, of course, the matter of the price. Watches as handsome as this are rarely as inexpensive, especially as it’s the kind of thing you – or the person you give it to – can keep forever.