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The World’s Coolest Beer Labels

December 2017Words by Mr Ethan Fixell

In this marvellous golden age of brewskis, we now have more sudsy options than ever. But with the boon comes a crippling drawback: while direct recommendations from friends, salespeople, or ratings websites are undeniably helpful, how is a thirsty drinker supposed to walk into a pub, supermarket, or off-licence and choose one IPA over another? Bewildered consumers often simply default to what they already know.

To stand out from the crowd, today’s breweries are going the extra mile with incredible bottle and can artwork. In the US, where there are about 6,000 breweries, brands such as Montauk Brewing Co. and House Beer owe much of their success to their suave labels. And as beer quality continues to improve, aesthetics is becoming more important in setting the phenomenal apart from the merely great.

So which breweries’ containers are most worthy of placement on your mantelpiece after you’ve drained them of their sweet nectar? We’ve rounded up the five best examples of label art from around the world, so that you can drink in style wherever you are.