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Fitness Tips From The World’s Best Personal Trainers

November 2018Words by Ms Mollie McGuigan

From left: Mr Magnus Lygdbäck, Beverly Hills, 2017. Photograph by Ms Hanna von Matérn, courtesy of Mr Magnus Lygdbäck. Mr Sandy Macaskill, London, 2018. Photograph by Mr Daniel Hambury/eyevine. Mr David Higgins, Hollywood, 2018. Photograph by Mr Andrew Burton, courtesy of Headline

Apparently, the hardest part of getting fit is getting started. Anyone who believes that clearly isn’t the kind of man who has a long-standing love affair with Japanese whisky, or one who is easily lured by the office vending machine. We’re sure you’ve signed up for bulk classes and joined several gyms, but how long does it take before the distractions come knocking and you’re sitting on the sofa waiting for Uber Eats? Those of us lacking the determination of Mr Michael B Jordan in Creed need more than an initial push – we need to find a way to stick at it, repeatedly, forever. As we are fast-approaching the most gluttonous time of year, we spoke to three of the world’s best fitness trainers and asked them for their advice…

Mr David Higgins

Photograph by Mr Andrew Burton, courtesy of Headline