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Five Best-Selling Grooming Products On MR PORTER

May 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Good grooming is all about being measured. We want our hair to look nice, for instance, but not to look like we’ve spent any longer than five minutes on it. We always want to smell great, but never to overwhelm – nobody wants to be the subject of an HR complaint for an olfactory assault on the office because they were a bit too liberal with the Old Spice.

Finding this measure, however, is often a personal journey. For better or worse, it is not common practice for men to recommend hair products, moisturisers and fragrances to one another unsolicited. Grooming is seen, for the most part, as something that most modern men will partake in, but quietly, in private rituals undertaken before the bathroom mirror. In other words, finding what works for you takes trial and error.

So, to make sure the odds are in your favour, we thought we’d share some of our most popular grooming products – the fragrances, moisturisers and haircare products that have the most fans among MR PORTER readers. It’d be a shame not to share the benefits of these god-tier grooming gems with those who haven’t yet discovered them, so if you are in the market for some solid additions to your bathroom cabinet, look no further.