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Five Films Every Star Wars Fan Should See

May 2017Words by Mr James Darton

Mr Bruce Dern in Silent Running (1972). Photograph by Alamy

There is a certain amount of crossover between the style-conscious and the science fiction obsessive. Have you ever despaired at someone “incorrectly” knotting their tie or wearing the “wrong” type of shoes for a particular occasion? Then, it could be said, you are in the same camp as those souls who are just a little too eager to point out that, for example, Star Wars is technically not sci-fi. It features magic (in the form of “the force”) and is therefore a fantasy movie that happens to be set in space. Take note, fact fans.

The minutiae of genre classifications aside, few would argue that Star Wars (episodes four to seven, at least) are deserving of their global adulation. With 4 May upon us, however, it seems the perfect opportunity to point out that Mr George Lucas’ universe exists within a much wider canon of excellent, often overlooked space-set masterpieces. Below are some of the best, from a whole host of galaxies.

Solaris (1972)