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Five Gins That Every Man Needs To Taste

February 2017Words by Mr Joe Gamp

Photograph courtesy of Gin Mare

There’s nothing more British than a fine gin – or at least that was once the case. In Victorian London, they drank it like water, it being classed, then, not as mother’s ruin, but a pleasant herbal remedy. Delightful, eh? Today we don’t enjoy it in quite the same volumes, but we do have a variety of different types to choose from, which is also nice. In fact, there’s thought to be 300 varieties of gin available in the UK alone, both of the London dry (flavoured with juniper and botanicals, then distilled) and botanical or distilled (with extra compounds added post-distillation) varieties. Open it up to the rest of the world and the choice becomes truly mind-boggling. Yes, there is a plethora of international gins that can now be enjoyed by the spirit-traveller, served with a range of garnishes and craft-distilled with everything from rosewood and hibiscus, to oranges, lemons and ginger. Scroll down for the five that every man should put on his ice-bucket list.