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Five Indulgent Grooming Products To Gift Yourself This Christmas

December 2018Words by Mr Cillian O’Connor

Along with “big moods”, clapbacks and wokeness, self-care has been one of 2018’s stand-out lexicographical hits. In fact, at the time of writing, a Google search now yields 1,700,000,000 Google results – and counting. While strictly speaking a term used to refer to the practice of tending to one’s own health, both mental and physical, the beauty of self-care is its seemingly limitless applications. An extra hour in bed? Self-care. A weekly face mask? Self-care. Buying gifts for yourself as well as others this Christmas? A very necessary act of – you guessed it – self-care.

Without further ado then, we present the grooming gifts to give yourself this holiday season. From invigorating fragrances to the world’s most famous moisturiser, consider this your self-care shopping list. You know, because you’re worth it.