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Five New Edinburgh Restaurants To Visit Now

August 2018Words by Ms Miranda York, founder of At The Table

Bross Bagels, 105 Leith Walk, Edinburgh. Photograph by Mr Marc Millar, courtesy of Bross Bagels

A new wave of restaurants has crashed onto the Edinburgh food scene, unsettling the recent influx of London chains. Each new opening has had the good sense to use the impeccable local produce Scotland is noted for, yet the teams behind them aren’t afraid to draw on ideas and influences from around the world. From new Nordic cuisine to Chilean home cooking and Montreal bagels, these chefs and entrepreneurs are drawing inspiration from the food they love, reimagining it using Scottish ingredients and serving it with a flourish. Here are five new Edinburgh restaurants worth seeking out.


Chicken, mushroom, barley, lovage at Fhior. Photograph by Mr Alan Donaldson, courtesy of Fhior