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Five Wild Travel Ideas for 2018

January 2018Words by Ms Sophy Roberts

Cruising around Papua New Guinea. Photograph by Mr Ken Kochey

Putting the risk back into travel for 2018 isn’t as crazy as it sounds. It’s the swing of fashion, like the hem on your trousers, the inevitable counterpoint when every luxury resort stars to look and feel like nothing more than an eye-watering price tag. Make this the year to throw off the anchor, and leave Ibiza in your wake. Only with risk does serendipity find its way back into your downtime. Only by travelling the holes in the map will you drink with shamans in the Mongolian steppe, or camp on the edge of a lava lake in Africa’s Great Rift. We need wilderness like we need the air to breathe – to remind us of the size and power of a magical planet called Earth.