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How Great Photographers Eat

June 2016Words by Mr Tom M Ford

The Photographer's Cookbook (Aperture) by Ms Lisa Hostetler. “Still Life, San Francisco” (1932) by Mr Ansel Adams. Photograph © 2016 The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust

When photography meets food, it is usually because someone is posting a picture of their brunch on Instagram (#eatclean, etc). But a new book called The Photographer’s Cookbook is placing the relationship between cameras and food in an artful new light. 

Its conception dates back to the late 1970s, when New York’s George Eastman Museum (the world’s oldest photography museum and co-publisher of the book) asked renowned photographers for their favourite recipe, and a suitable photograph to accompany it – based on the idea that there was a correlation between a photographer’s eye for a picture and a delicious dish. It turns out they were quite right. From a cheese grit casserole by Mr William Eggleston to Mr Richard Avedon’s royal pot roast, the collection, published this week for the first time, is a rich brew of idiosyncratic images and surprising signature dishes from some high-profile photographers.

Whether you want to add a few retro dishes to your kitchen repertoire, or you’re just interested to see your favourite photographers in a completely new light, you can buy the book here. Below is a recipe for eggs poached in beer by the iconic black-and-white photographer Mr Ansel Adams. Which we hope, in recognition of his art, you won’t snap on your iPhone and upload to social media once you’ve made it.