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How To Assemble The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

2 weeks agoWords by Mr Ben Olsen

Vegan honeynut squash dish by Mr Matthew Kenney. Photograph courtesy of Mr Matthew Kenney

As much as Thanksgiving is a nationwide celebration in the US – a red-letter day when Americans embark on Planes, Trains And Automobiles-esque journeys to be with their loved ones – it’s also a day that sparks intense debates in the kitchen.

Centred around a communal meal – traditionally a celebration of the autumn’s harvest – the main event on many Thanksgiving tables this Thursday, 22 November, will be a show-stopping turkey (46 million such birds are dished up each year.) But how to prepare said turkey? Deep-fried or roasted? Brined or not brined? Served with green bean casserole, beets or sprouts? And then there’s the pumpkin pie filling: shop-bought or made from scratch? Here, some of the most trusted chefs in the US demystify iconic Thanksgiving dishes and provide inspiration for a meal to end any debate (until you sit down and the wine starts flowing).