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How To Be More Charismatic

August 2017Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Mr Leonardo DiCaprio and Ms Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby, 2013. Photograph by Warner Bros./Photofest

When MR PORTER is invited to Pinnacle, the Mayfair clinic of A-list psychologist and former Priory therapist Mr Richard Reid, to learn how to be charismatic, I am sent to investigate. Should I read anything into this? I’m not sure. Mr Reid, according to the press release, teaches “entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities” how to “get that guy, or girl. To get that promotion. To get ahead. Get whatever it is that they want in life.” Can he do these things for slightly underwhelming editors?

I am allotted only 90 minutes – a taster for Mr Reid’s full training courses – so he certainly has his work cut out. At the end of the session, I am unsure whether I am more charismatic or not. No one mentions anything on the Tube or back at the office. But I do learn a few tips, which we can all benefit from. It turns out that being charismatic is less about being able to charm and manipulate people (which was what I had assumed) and more about crafting long and sustainable relationships with others (which I thought I was OK at, but clearly, no). To get there, I am told, I’ll have to make some small, incremental changes. The three below, for example.