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How To Communicate Better At Work

November 2016Words by Mr Jamie Millar

Illustration by Mr Adam Nickel

It’s ironic that, for all our hi-tech communication devices, we often struggle to get our message across at work – especially in writing. Then we receive a virtual missive that sends us into a psychological tailspin after we perceive a non-existent subtext therein. Alas, those oh-so-helpful emojis aren’t yet acceptable in business. (If you’re using them, stop now.) Someone who doesn’t need to punctuate sentences with yellow smiley faces is Mr Jay Sullivan, a former attorney fluent in legalese who now helps all manner of professionals speak more plainly. His new book Simply Said: Communicating Better At Work And Beyond is suitably straightforward to comprehend, and chock full of easily digestible takeaways on everything from emailing to presenting. Here, MR PORTER has regurgitated a few choice morsels from Simply Said that will increase your own connectivity – and your prospects of an upgrade.

Don’t talk to yourself