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How To Dress Like The Rolling Stones

April 2016Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Sir Mick Jagger on stage at the Los Angeles Coliseum, 1981. Photograph by Neal Preston/Corbis

Unless, like Mr Keith Richards, your sensory skills aren’t quite what they used to be, you’ll be well aware that Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones opened this week: a colossal exhibition celebrating the cultural impact of The Rolling Stones over the past 50 years. On display in London’s Saatchi Gallery on the King’s Road – a short walk from the Chelsea flat (recreated for the show, fag ends and all) where the band formed – are more than 500 rock ’n’ roll artefacts, including original stage designs, personal diaries and iconic clothing.

With this in mind, we thought we would take the opportunity to learn something from the gamut of The Rolling Stones’ style. And who better to school us than Mr William Gilchrist, a stylist who has worked with the band since 2005. While he took some time out in Havanna after the Stones’ politically ground-breaking gig late last month, we asked him for some quick wardrobe tips.