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How To Eat Your Way Around The World In Hong Kong

March 2017Words by The Daily Team

Kaum food at Potato Head. Photographs courtesy of Jia Group

If you go away for long enough, there comes a point in any trip where you experience cultural overload. So saturated are you by the admittedly amazing sights, smells and sounds of a certain city that you crave something else, something totally at odds with the situation you find yourself in. And, more often than not, this will come in the form of food. You haven’t necessarily tired of the local delicacies, markets and restaurants, but you just need a little break – perhaps some home comforts, or a different type of cuisine to take refuge in and cleanse the palate. With this in mind, our roundup of Style Council highlights this week focuses on how you can do just that in Hong Kong – a cultural melting pot where you can find just about anything to eat – from any corner of the globe. 

Mario’s Meatballs at Carbone. Photographs courtesy of Black Sheep Restaurants