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A Guide To Finding Your Signature Fragrance

April 2018Words by Mr Cillian O’Connor

Photograph courtesy of Floris

Along with style, poison of choice and sense of humour, the way we smell says a lot about us. It is also, luckily enough, an attribute we have complete control over. So rather than picking an Eau de Something at random based on a quick sniff at the counter, it’s a good idea to take the time to choose a scent that’s subtle, personal to us, and something we feel comfortable wearing.

“For most people a man’s signature scent is the smell or perfume by which he is identified, recognised and – hopefully – loved for,” says Mr James Craven, fragrance archivist at Les Senteurs, a specialist perfumery in London’s Belgravia. “It ‘fits’ him in that, while it may or may not define him, it enhances his personality and character.”

Intrigued? Here are some expert tips for sniffing out your olfactory fingerprint.