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How To Make Chateau Marmont’s Best Nightcap

October 2016Words by Mr Richard Godwin

Left: Bar Marmont. Photograph by Mr Nikolas Koenig, courtesy of Bar Marmont. Right: a Forbidden Fizz. Photograph by Mr Jakob Layman

If you weren’t already aware (no invite? It’s in the post. We promise), MR PORTER are hosting a pop-up at the Chateau Marmont tomorrow to show off the very best of our AW16 offering. This can be very thirsty work – so we asked the historic hotel to fix us a drink.

The after-hours allure of Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood is no secret: Mr André Balazs’ reinvention of the grand old hotel faintly drips with louche Sunset Boulevard glamour. What is less well known are the hidden cocktails in its nearby bar. The regular menu mainly consists of pricy versions of the classics – but if you ask the bartenders nicely, they might just knock you up an off-menu creation, such as the house take on the classic Angostura fizz.