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How To Make Ramen Like A Pro

June 2016Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Photograph courtesy of Bone Daddies

If you’re a fan of ramen and you live in London, it’s likely you’ll be well acquainted with Bone Daddies. If this is the case, and you happen to live on the east side of town, we have some rather good news for you. Chef proprietor Mr Ross Shonhan is about to open an outpost in The Bower development, Old Street (we have it on good faith it will be this Friday), meaning you have even less distance to travel for his delicious Japanese food. If you’re not local to London, or you simply want to up your culinary game, Mr Shonhan has supplied the recipe to his famous spicy miso ramen so you can eat it at home. Enjoy. Or should we say: itadakimasu.

For the spicy miso tare:

150g white miso
50g sweet white miso
50g red miso
40g regular soy sauce
40g mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) 
15g ginger
25g spring onion
50g mixed chilli, fresh and dried – as hot as you dare!