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How To Make Shaving A Joy Not A Chore

September 2018Words by Mr Cillian O’Connor

Sir Roger Moore in Live And Let Die, 1973. Photograph by AF archive/Alamy

Riddle us this: what do 69 per cent of men hate doing and yet continue to do almost daily?

Work? Nope. Endure 7.00am Hiit sessions? Not quite. Catch up on WhatsApp groups they couldn’t care less about? Good guess, but no. The answer, dear readers, is shaving. That most necessary of evils that can too often feel like a total chore.

“The main reasons men cite for loathing, or just about coping with, shaving are that it’s boring and that it’s both literally and metaphorically painful,” says Mr James Jarvis, co-founder of Marram Co, a sophisticated Dublin-based grooming brand, available on MR PORTER, that plans to revolutionise men’s shaving experience.