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How To Make The Perfect Reuben Sandwich

April 2017Words by Mr Tom M Ford

The Reuben sandwich at Monty’s Deli. Photograph by Ben Lansky. Courtesy of Monty’s Deli

With probably the world’s fastest-moving food scene, London is never short of a new culinary trend for you to chew on. Whether it’s a poké bowl or a bottomless brunch, seemingly every day a PR manager or restaurateur comes up with a new way to sell their wares. Which is great, of course. There’s nothing like constant low-level FOMO anxiety to maintain your appetite in a big city. But sometimes it’s nice to relax a little, get back to basics, and eat something as old as time.

Enter the sandwich. If you’re going to indulge in the simple novelty of some bread and filling, we’re particularly fond of the Reuben made at Monty’s Deli in Hoxton, which started life as a market stall in 2012, paying homage to the Jewish food of owner Mr Mark Ogus’s childhood. “I was either working from my flat in London or smoking the pastrami in my parents’ back garden,” he says. Thankfully, now settled into his first site on Hoxton Street, things have moved on. “We’re bringing Jewish soul food to the masses of east London, inspired by the Jewish delis of America such as Katz’s in New York and Langer’s in LA,” says Mr Ogus.

Because we’re such fans, we asked for the secret recipe to Monty’s Reuben sandwich. Below, Mr Ogus reveals (almost) all.

Messrs Mark Ogus (left) and Owen Barratt of Monty's Deli. Photograph by Ben Lansky. Courtesy of Monty’s Deli