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How To Make Your Bed For The Perfect Night’s Sleep

July 2017Words by Ms Kate Kelley

Like anything which improves our mental and physical state, the issue of sleep attracts a lot of attention, and a lot of conflicting advice. Popular belief states that eight hours’ sleep is the optimum for our health, while some specialists suggest tuning in to our circadian rhythms (read more here), or waking at the crack of dawn for optimum success. Whatever works best for you, everyone would do well to start off with the proper foundations. Namely: a perfectly made, comfortable bed. For expert advice on how to achieve this, we consulted Ms Adriana Milea, executive housekeeper at The Ritz London, who is responsible for ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for some of the world’s most illustrious individuals. Scroll down for her top tips.

The mattress is king

If you consider the proportion of your life that you spend lying on it, a good-quality mattress is one of the most logical investments you can make. “Your mattress should be firm to give a good support to your back and body,” says Ms Milia. And just like your clothes, your mattress needs looking after. “A mattress has an eight- to 10-year life span, depending on how you treat it. To maintain a mattress, it should be turned and rotated every month for the first six months of use, and then every three months afterwards, to ensure even dips.” Ms Milia also recommends the same treatment when it comes to your pillow. “Good, supportive pillows should be medium-firm and thrown out once worn,” she advises. Test your pillow by holding it over your forearm: if it flops on either side and doesn’t hold its shape, it needs changing”.