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How To Streamline Your Wardrobe

July 2016Words by Mr Alfred Tong

Illustration by Mr Adam Nickel

The infamous dandy and celebrated host Baron Alexis de Redé was said to have owned between 400 and 500 pairs of bespoke George Cleverley shoes.

While fun to read about, such extravagance is rather impractical, especially if your main residence isn’t the Hôtel Lambert. Even if it were, psychologists have discovered that too much choice can lead to indecision and anxiety, something that’s been called “the paradox of choice”. We say: it’s time to clear out your wardrobe. If nothing else, your health depends on it.

“Ironically, the less you have, the easier it’ll be to get dressed,” says style consultant Ms Anna Berkeley, who has de-cluttered clothes collections of fashion editors and businessmen alike. “Conversely, you’ll have more options and outfits because nice items won’t languish in the back of your wardrobe.”