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How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Just NowWords by Mr Adam Welch

The denim jacket is what you might call “an oldie but a goodie”. That is, it’s been around in one incarnation or another since the late 19th century. However, the version we’re all familiar with today, exemplified in recent seasons by the likes of Acne Studios, Jean Shop and Tom Ford, among others, is derived from the the Levi’s Type I jacket, created around 1905 for hard-working, Western types. The beauty of this superbly time-resistant design (and those that followed it) is that it’s hard working in more than one sense, boasting a tough, welt-seamed construction that will survive most situations, plus a minimal, masculine look that will complement shirting and tailored trousers as well as more casual outfits. Watch the above video, featuring the wonderful 101 denim jacket from Japanese brand Visvim. Scroll down to find out how to wear it well.

Visit The Journal to see how Messrs Bob Marley, Daniel Craig, Robert Redford and more wore the denim jacket.

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