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How To Wear Sandals

March 2017Words by The Daily Team

For an item of footwear that’s essentially synonymous with sun, holidays and a general feeling of relaxation, the sandal all too often provokes anxiety. There’s the socks issue, which we’ve covered before. There’s the feet issue, which we can’t quite bring ourselves to go into here (but, essentially, it’s about raggedy toenails and the maintenance thereof). Then there’s the long, spectral line of terrible sandal wearers – from crystal-toting New Age spiritualists to lobster-red British tourists – that will continue to haunt us well into the distant future. But put all that aside and focus, and you’ll see there’s really not all that much to worry about. Sandals are a fantastic way to stay stylish in the heat while giving your feet a much needed breather. And though we will never recommend you wear them to the office, they can be rather versatile, when worn with the right pieces. Scroll down for our guide on how to do the whole sandal thing with a stylish elan that will utterly convince all your friends and colleagues.

Pick the right sandals