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Seven Things That Were Better Before Smartphones

September 2016Words by Mr Dan Davies

Illustration by Mr Stephan Schmitz

A major camera upgrade? The first fully waterproof iPhone? Coloured handsets? As rumours swirl about what new features and functionality Apple will put at our fingertips with the unveiling of the iPhone 7 tomorrow in San Francisco, it is surely time to take stock of how totally enslaved we’ve become to our smartphones.

In the space of a few short years, they have come to dominate our lives, and it is now hard to envisage existing without them. Anxious when they’re out of reach or out of battery, we instinctively react whenever they make a noise. The question is: are we using smartphones, or are they using us? We don’t want you to think we’re paranoid Luddites – so here are some reminders of what life was like before we became hostages to our handsets.