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Staff Picks: What’s On Our Personal Shopping Executive’s Wish List?

May 2019Words by Mr George Ward, Personal Shopping Executive, MR PORTER

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

In the past few weeks I’ve been showcasing our upcoming collections to our affiliated stylists, including The Japan Edit, which made choosing my top five items of this week really easy. Side note; I would advise taller gents to be cautious with sizing as some of the below brands can be unforgiving with sleeve length. 

The Jacket

Patchwork Bandana-Print Cotton-Blend Jacket

I was lucky enough to see (and try on) The Japan Edit at some of our press events. This KAPITAL patchwork jacket is crafted from vintage bandanas, which you can expect to be very lightweight and breathable. It has a lot of great details such as the pleating throughout the jacket and the buttons have a lovely opalescence to them. This would look great with a white T-shirt and your favourite jeans.