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Style Lessons From The Films Of Mr Jean Luc Godard

May 2018Words by Ms Holly Connolly

Mr Michel Piccoli and Ms Brigitte Bardot. Photograph by Collection Christophel/ArenaPAL

What will come after streetwear? There are whispers on the wind that indie style – as in the skinny jeans and vaudevillian hats popularised by Mr Pete Doherty – is set to make a comeback. The biggest clues: quintessential indie designer Mr Hedi Slimane’s recent appointment as director of Céline (which will branch out to menswear for the first time later in the year), and The Arctic Monkeys’ new album. Of course, these signifiers could be mere red herrings, but if it is a prospect the sartorial nuances of yesteryear are returning, then it’s surely worth revisiting indie’s influences (if only to see if the fashion has anything to offer outside of fertility-endangering jeans). But where exactly to revisit? Not just to the mid-2000s, you’ll be pleased to hear, but further back to the time that the style movement has to thank for its look. The indie aesthetic romanticised the nostalgia of Paris in the mid-20th Century, which makes nouvelle vague director Mr Jean Luc Godard’s 1960s oeuvre the ideal place to seek inspiration. We explore his films for lessons in timeless dressing, wardrobe essentials and Parisian style.


Mr Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ms Jean Seberg. Photograph by Les Films Imperia, courtesy Neal Peters Collection