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Style Tips For Short And Tall Men

August 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Messrs Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert at Paris Fashion Week, June 2014. Photograph by Mr Julien Boudet/BFA/Shutterstock

Messrs Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert are men that possess a rare and frustrating sense of style that makes you wonder why the rest of us bother getting dressed at all. Mr Lambert is an Angolan designer, while Mr Maidoh is a British-born stylist, and they run the collective Art Comes First together. They are best-known, however, for being photographed for their style, and are often snapped outside fashion shows looking intimidatingly well-dressed. They can pull off most anything, are the kind of men who don’t get over-bothered by trends, and style-wise are equally matched in everything but their height (Mr Maidoh is 191cm; Mr Lambert is 170cm).

Saying that, both Messrs Maidoh and Lambert are proof that height is no excuse for sartorial shortcomings, and are masters of making the silhouettes of their clothes compliment their respective heights. So, to try and understand the style alchemy behind two of London’s (and let’s face it, the world’s) best turned-out men, we asked them how they approach getting dressed in relation to their height, and the process they take to look as good as they do. Gents, the floor is yours…