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The African-Inspired Beach Brand You Need To Know

May 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

The summer is, technically, supposed to be the most relaxing time of year. So why is choosing what to wear so difficult? Working up the courage to bare your sun-starved skin to the outside world is to play fashion roulette. A man can go much less wrong with a pair of wool trousers, for instance, than he can with swim shorts – them’s just the rules. So imagine our excitement when a brand comes along that assuages our anxiety about looking good when we’re at the mercy of summer’s sartorial demands. Fortunately, Okun – which goes live on MR PORTER today – does exactly that.

Founded by Mr Bola Marquis and drawing on his African heritage, Okun translates as “the ocean” in Yoruba, and the brand is all about natty prints, quality fabrics, and holiday-appropriate style that will give you a sartorial edge when you’re on the beach or by the pool.