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The All-Time World Cup XI (And What They’d Wear Now)

June 2018Words by the Mundial team

Who doesn’t love the World Cup? All those top-class players in close proximity for a whole month, eating together, watching films together, younger players getting into arguments over ping-pong, older heads sneaking cigarettes after team meetings. It’s where kids become seasoned pros, and seasoned pros become legends. So, to celebrate this year’s tournament, which kicks off tomorrow, we, the editors of Mundial magazine, have picked 11 of the most iconic players in World Cup history and imagined what sartorial choices they’d be making if they were still knocking it about today.

Mr Lev Yashin at 1966 World Cup. Photograph by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images

The greatest goalkeeper of all-time, nicknamed the Black Spider because he favoured Mr Johnny Cash’s colour scheme and rocked a flat cap way before your mate thought he was one of the Peaky Blinders. Soviet goalie Mr Lev Yashin is wearing black leather from head to toe. He’s got a sponsorship deal with Balenciaga and he is going to make the most of it.