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The Best New Cashmere To Invest In

October 2017Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Although fashion trends undeniably exist – trouser length, silhouette and colour are just a few examples that invariably undulate throughout the seasons – following them with anything other than a passing interest is not something that most men have time for. There are, however, certain things that are infallible to such wanton capriciousness, and will stay put no matter how violently the trend winds howl around you.

Cashmere – the inimitably soft wool sourced from the undercoats of Cashmere goats – has that rare staying power. And while you can’t put a price on timeless style, you can certainly put a price on cashmere (unfortunately though, that price is often high). On the other hand, a cashmere sweater or coat can add genuine quality, warmth and sophistication to your look, and provided you care for it well, will serve you for years. Cashmere garments will do most of the groundwork in terms of looking suave, but as with all good investments, some background reading is crucial, so we’ve outlined a few tips below.


Hardy Amies
Slim-Fit Cashmere Rollneck Sweater
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