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The Five Coolest Breweries In The Us Right Now

August 2017Words by Mr Ethan Fixell – editor-in-chief, The Beer Necessities

Photograph courtesy of Creature Comforts

There’s certainly no shortage of amazing American beer these days. But a few breweries in particular are not only producing fantastic liquid – they’re doing so with a commendably high level of style, too. With well-designed packaging, elegant branding and handsome taprooms, these companies are truly raising the bar to a level commensurate with the fantastic product they’re producing in brew kettles and barrels every day.

The creative renaissance makes sense, too: with over 5,000 breweries in the country now, brewers are coming to realise that in order to stay relevant, craftsmanship can’t end with the hop addition – it must continue through the imbiber’s experience at the bar or at home.

As a longtime freelance beer writer and editor-in-chief of The Beer Necessities, I’ve personally visited hundreds of breweries and tasted thousands of beers. (Tough gig, I know.) And so, to raise a glass to last week’s International Beer Day – formerly known as the first Friday in August – here are five breweries that truly combine hip with hop.