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The Last-Minute Panic Beach-Body Guide

June 2016Words by Mr Jamie Millar

Illustration by Mr Patrick Leger

Achieving a beach body is really not that complicated: train hard, eat well, sleep, repeat, try not to overdo it when you go out. The sticking points are discipline – and time. Time being the real doozy. Especially when it’s June.

“Every June and July, we get new clients saying: ‘I’ve got four weeks until my holiday – what can I do?’” says London-based personal trainer Mr Tim Walker of Evolution of Man Fitness (, who has metamorphosed the editors of Men’s Health, Esquire and The Sunday Times Style into beach-ready Adonises. “At which point we reply, ‘Come to see us two months ago.’”

However, should you find yourself less than beach-ready with only a week until you leave for warmer, sandier climes, there are some tricks of the fitness trade that you can employ for a last-minute fix. Disclaimer: they’re not exactly sustainable, or even advisable under normal circumstances – but… desperate times, and all that. Of course, everything below will work better if you actually have been going to the gym for the past month. But you don’t want to hear that, do you?