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The Man Behind The Coolest Hotel In LA

October 2018Mr Porter

Inside No 850. Photograph courtesy of JK Hotel Group
Photograph by Mr Kendrick Brinson/The New York Times

“There is something incredibly sexy about hotels,” says Mr Jeff Klein. “Even in the age of Instagram, there is still this incredible anonymity in hotels.”

It is cocktail hour on the terrace of Mr Klein’s Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, a time of relative calm between the spritzy languor of an afternoon around the pool and before the buzzy air-kissing evenings at the Tower Bar inside. This is the time of day when Hercule Poirot might take his tisane and take stock of his fellow travellers, and Mr Klein is getting into a similar spirit. “It’s so fun to be a voyeur in hotels,” he says. “Is that his wife? Is that his mistress? His daughter? You are always looking at people and trying to figure out their stories. And you kind of make it what you want it to be.”