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The Man Who Reinvented Chilean Cuisine

November 2017Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Shoe mussels from Valdivia with rock green sauce. All photographs by Mr Cristóbal Palma, courtesy of Phaidon

Up until a few years ago, you’d have been hard pressed to find high-end cuisine in Chile that was actually Chilean. Due to the difficulty of procuring, transporting and preserving of local ingredients, not to mention a lack of knowledge about them, wine was the only thing of note that came from the nation’s natural larder.

That all changed, however, when Mr Rodolfo Guzmán opened Boragó, a Santiago restaurant that is now ranked among the 50 best in the world. This November, we’re being given an opportunity to discover Boragó’s short but colourful history via a new book, authored by Mr Guzmán and published by Phaidon. Boragó: Coming From The South will be the first high-end gastronomy cookbook in English from a Chilean chef. This would be impressive in any case, but is particularly poignant with Mr Guzmán because it tells the story of how the chef revived Chilean ingredients that other domestic chefs had neglected in favour of imports.

Atacama Desert, Chile